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*Reason I'm here: Seeking insight, advice and direction;
*motive/s: I want to involve myself in direct action against the present injustices, esp. in South America, Europe and here in the UK: Enivornmentalism,
Animal rights, social justice - all that. Soildarity seems to mean sth, im guessing. Correct me if i'm wrong.
*feeling luck, punk?: feelin' optimistic that I'll find my feet, and use this anger/creative energy for the left's cause.

I have a resentment for the capitalist system (personal & through observerance) and I need some guidence, advice and a bit of direction, if you'll have me. I've read some posts and I'm eagerly devouring the info (never get this news in the controlled media ), so thx.

The far-right (fascists, the republican party, some "Christian evangelicals", multi. nat. companies) are my enemies.

I got interested in this through catching overnight broadcasts - I attribute being unable to sleep to the crazy-making system we're in; but my brain is firing on all cylinders, and I can't take being brainwashed anymore.- on SW. radio. I heard a Right-wing "Christian" Radio host called "Chuck bates" say/qoute: "The intent of the controlled media is to mould public opinion. Why? Because opinions determine actions, in politics, in your economic status, and who you vote for..." And it's true.

He also said, and I qoute, "We must put to death our culture" - to me, that is the insidious comment that implies none other than a war. This bozo and members of that clan want to subtely replace whole cultures w/ an artifical, robotic, pro-expansionist agenda - The "American Way". I am determined to prevent this, or at least stem the tide. It affects us all and it must be stopped, whatever the cost.

Capitalism isn't intrinsically wrong in itself, its just that the "evil wrongdoers" ha, ha must subdue their greed.

"Everything must be reduced to the same level by producing a phantom, a monstrous abstraction, an all embracing sth that is nothing, a mirage, and that phantom is "the public"." S.K.
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