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My name is Connos Memse.  I am a student at MIT (Massachusetts Interdimensional Travel). I am majoring in interdimensional politics, and for my senior year, I am here to study the politics of America in this dimension.
My dimension is very similar to this one, we have the same TV shows, the same countries, even the same food. America's still America, we've got all of the same freedoms. Things are just a little different, enough to be worth taking a look at what could have gone differently back home to make it more like this place, or what could have gone differently to make here more like home.

I'm withholding judgment on whether here or home is the more politically sound America.

Or, more specifically, this is a political satire journal with a definite liberal slant, written by a professional activist from Indianapolis, IN.  Please come check it out, I've got two entries already posted, and will be updating regularly.  I also figured that the people of this community would get a kick out of my Bush satire essay, the first entry in this journal.  All quotes are directly from GW.  And yes, it seems pro-Bush at first, that's the nature of sarcasm and satire.  Read the whole thing before getting offended.
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