innocence is the first casualty

bush = killer

get the conservatives out of the white house!
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1.respect others opinions
2.Use a LJ-cut for post that are long
3.This is a community dedicated to get Bush out of office, so don't post anything about how voting sucks and you shouldn’t do it, or anything pro-bush, yeah u get the picture....blah blah blah

This community is for people who share common goals in creating unity of the punk scene to unite around issues we all care about and that we have all sung about. We must all stand together as one voice in shaping the future of our country.
This is not about who is a sellout, who is too hardcore or who is from the west coast, etc…
This is about getting everyone to mobilize as a block of concerned voters. Punk bands, punk labels, and punk fans must form a union against the chaotic policies George W. Bush has put in place.

He must be exposed.

Even amongst this coalition of free thinkers, we may not agree on every issue. Nonetheless, we are united around these four basic principals and feel it is time to stand together in questioning our current administration's policies

--yeah we jacked this shit from punkvoter.com. because they are better at articulating thier goals then we are. you get the point.

point being: join this community so we can band together to help get the conservatives out in 2008!


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